Information about the potters of Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

About Us

The Tafoya family has a long history of pottery making.  Living in the Santa Clara Pueblo with her family, Judy is a sixth generation potter.  Judy started doing Pottery as a living in 1983.   Their daughter Sarah has been a potter since age five and is now a full time adult potter. She is the seventh generation potter from the family.  Lloydine, Judy's first granddaughter, has also started creating pieces, starting the eighth generation of Santa Clara Pueblo potters in their immediate family.

Judy and Lincoln have been married 25 years and have eight beautiful children. All of the eight children have created and sold pieces of their work.  The children's pieces are solely their own and they are helped only in the firing of their pieces.  They all testify how the Lord has truly blessed their lives.   Their parents teach them and lead them in the ways of the Lord.  The children attended a Christian Academy which emphasized spiritual growth as well as academic. They are still to this day encouraged to continue the tradition of pottery making. 

Pottery is always being made- with some pots needing sanding, others needing polishing, and still others needing firing.  (For more information on how the pottery is made look at the various other pages in the information section of this website) 

(For shows they attend go to the calendar section of this website) On months that they don't have shows they work on orders and do in-home demonstrations. Special orders are welcome but it is asked that the customer understand and allow ample time to create these pieces which can take anywhere from three months to a year.