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Thank you for your interest in our work. Our pottery can be ordered in the traditional black or the red. The red carved pieces usually
are slipped with a clay in the carved area that fires a contrasting beige color. These are all measured in height.

Miniatures range from 1" to 3" designs: Traditional Water Jars & deep carved
Sarah does miniatures 1" to 3" with etched designs

Next sizes would be small-medium pieces 4" to 5" range
All our pieces have the traditional designs of our pueblo. Each design has a special meaning. These designs have come from within us as people of Santa Clara.
Presently I am making XXL pieces 19“ + :

Water Jar

Storage Jar

There have only been under 6 water jars made in this size by us and we have only created 3 storage jars in this size. Two of the storage jars are in museums (both were created in 2006) and one was purchased by a private collector at Santa Fe Indian Market 2007.

I also make a line of named pieces that are deep carved and etched:

"Simple Blessings" small 3"h            designs: A single Butterfly, Dragonfly, or Hummingbird with flowers and traditional window borders

"Winged Blessings" medium, large & XL      designs: Butterflies, hummingbirds, bees w/flowers- always has a hidden want to be- a snail or caterpillar

"Feathered Friends" medium, large & XL     designs: Chickadees w/dogwood flowers

"Trumpet Lull" medium, L & XL               designs: Four hummingbird’s w/trumpet vines on a basket pot w/braided handle

"River Serene" medium, L & XL                designs: Dragonfly’s w/cattails

"Everlasting Love" medium 9" h spouts w/12” braided handle   designs: Mating Dance of the Sandhill Crane on Wedding vase

Borders on all named pieces are traditional designs.

NOTE: I do not measure the pots as I am creating them so all sizes cannot be exacted until the end process which is after the firing. So the pricing of all pottery pieces does not occur until the pots are fired. Flaws in burnishing or firing do impact the pricing. The final outcome of a pot only carries a top price when it is carefully examined and passes our personal standard. Thus at times there may be two pieces created of the same height but one may have a smoke mark or burnishing flaw so the price of it would be lower. The pottery prices may vary with size and final outcome quality.

I hope this information is helpful to you and we look forward to hearing from you with comments and/or a possible order!

Judy Tafoya/Sarah Tafoya/Lloydine Tafoya

Sarah Tafoya specializes in old stlye Melon pots.
Plain piece of pottery with a delicate rim which she named named "After Sarafina". 
Sarah also works in small etched pieces.

Lloydine is presently creating crosses, figures of mud people and small nativity sets.


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Engagement basket
Engagement basket
pottery w cloud design
pottery w cloud design
waterjar w / Bear Paw
waterjar w / Bear Paw
Grandma\'s Avanyu with double border
Grandma\'s Avanyu with double border
Classic Avanyu pot w/pueblo designs
Classic Avanyu pot w/pueblo designs