Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery created by 6th ,7th & 8th generation potters.

Judy Tafoya, a 6th generation potter, has been doing pottery since 1983. Many unique and award winning pieces can be seen here and at Native American art shows she attends throughout the United States.

Sarah Ayla Tafoya, a 7th generation potter, has been potting since age five. She has received many awards in the 'Youth Division' as a young artist. Now an adult, she shows her work at many of the top Native American Art shows and continues to be recognized as an accomplished artist in her pottery.

Lloydine Aaliyah Rose Tafoya, an 8th generation potter, has been in the clay since she could walk. Mixing clay by foot along side her grandmother Judy. Lloydine created her first pieces at the age of three, many being people she met at shows. She has been burnishing her pieces since she was five. She is now seven years old and looks forward to seeing her own group of collectors at the shows we attend. Most of which are her personal friends now! She also enjoys meeting new people and sharing her pottery making process with them!